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Posted Aug. 2, 2010   22719 views

Even a Sentence can Make a Beautiful Tagxedo

Two weeks ago I started writing "101 Ways to Use Tagxedo" (http://bit.ly/101tagxedo), and it is now more than halfway done. I tried to put Tagxedo to actual use, and each use is accompanied by at least one example. I learned some new tricks, applied some improvement to Tagxedo, and felt great about Tagxedo's versatility and flexibility.

One of the delightful invention is the "Normalize Frequency" technique (described in a previous post). Instead of providing a collection of words with actual frequency distribution, the user simply provides a list of words, Tagxedo comes up with an artificial frequency distribution that is pleasing to the eyes.

You'd find that I frequently recommend the use of this option in the document, since I thought it was a one-off. What I didn't realize was how versatile this option is. It allows Tagxedo to operate on a much bigger variety of text. Just a list of words? A ranking? A collection of names? No problem.

Even just a sentence.

My latest favorite:

As the inventor of Tagxedo, I had my WOW moments before -- shapes, custom fonts, languages -- and this sure is one of them. Even a sentence can make a beautiful Tagxedo. See what I used as text, verbatim:

I love you from the bottom of my pencil~~case:#ff0000

If you want the exact result, try these knobs: Remove Common Words: No, Normalize Frequency: Yes, Font: Euphorigenic, Orientaion: Horizontal, Shape: Classic Cloud

Hope you like it. Please check the "101 Ways to Use Tagxedo" (http://bit.ly/101tagxedo) if you haven't, and see what else you can do.