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Shape Inversion (a.k.a. Negative Space)        

Feb. 2, 2012   44080 views

I recently added a new feature called "shape inversion", which allows you to fill an existing shape inside out. The following are two Tagxedo artworks made in the shape of the same tree:

and the second one, filling the white space around the tree.

A very different feel, isn't it? The words are from Sting's classic, "Fields of Gold", one ...

Simple Slum G, the Perfect Word Cloud Font?        

Jan. 12, 2012   44752 views

Three months ago I added a new font called "Simple Slum G" to Tagxedo's font collection. It's funky, playful, a bit weird. And it has a strange name. But it has now becomes my favorite font, by far.

In my opinion, at least for now, it is the perfect font for Tagxedo.

Check out the following Simple Slum G ...

Snowflake in Snowflake (Merry Christmas!)        

Dec. 25, 2011   45999 views

I found a very nice "Snowflake" font http://www.fontspace.com/skeldale-house-treasures/ryp-snowflake-8 and immediately loaded it into Tagxedo to see how it looks. The font has glyphs for exactly 26 characters, A to Z. So I typed in "A B C D ... Z", turned on "Normalize Frequency", turned on "Allow Duplication", turned off "Remove Common Words", selected the snowflake ...

RIP, Dennis Ritchie, Father of Unix and C        

Oct. 12, 2011   64563 views

We lost a tech giant today. Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie, co-creator of Unix and the C programming language with Ken Thompson, has passed away at the age of 70. Ritchie has made a tremendous amount of contribution to the computer industry, directly and indirectly affecting (improving) the lives of most people in the world, whether you know it ...

A Small Tribute to Steve Jobs        

Oct. 6, 2011   42844 views

Here's my small tribute to the great visionary of our time. RIP, Steve Jobs.