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Posted Feb. 2, 2012   44025 views

Shape Inversion (a.k.a. Negative Space)

I recently added a new feature called "shape inversion", which allows you to fill an existing shape inside out. The following are two Tagxedo artworks made in the shape of the same tree:

and the second one, filling the white space around the tree.

A very different feel, isn't it? The words are from Sting's classic, "Fields of Gold", one of my most favorite songs. IMO, both are wonderful artworks, but the inverted one conveys the mood of the song much better, as the words are figuratively just like a field of gold...

Instead of being confined, limited, the inversion could be expansive, suggestive, and even dreamy. Of course, I am not saying inversion is always the better option - it is generally harder to make out the shape from the inversion - but it often offers quite a different perspective than the original. This is especially true if the original shape is too skinny for Tagxedo to do a good job.

So, how to invert the shape? Two methods. First, if you create the shape out of an image, you have the option to choose whether to fill the dark or light regions (the "Interior" option). Second, in the shape menu there is a button "Invert". Press that, and every shape in the menu will be inverted.

Hope you like it!